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Kadai Paneer

1/2 kg Paneer

3 spoons Ghee or Boter

3 big sized Uien

2 cups Tomatenpuree

2 Groene pepers (Capsicums)

4 spoons Garam Masala

1 spoon gember-Knoflook Paste

1 spoon Ketumbar

2 spoons Chilli poeder

1 spoon Kuncit

Zout to taste
  • Omschrijving recept: Kaasgerechten; Indiaas
  • Bron: Aparna Frank


Chop uien finely. Cut Capsicums into long thin pieces. Cut Paneer into small cubes.

Take a deep frying dish. Put boter and once it gets heated, add

uien and fry till golden brown.

Add Ginger-Knoflook paste and fry well. Add Ketumbar, Chilli poeder, Kuncit, Tomatenpuree and zout and mix well.

Then add Paneer cubes and Capsicum pieces and allow it to fry for about 15 minutes and keep stirring in between.

In end, add Garam Masala poeder and season it with Coriander leaves and Curry leaves.


This can be used as a side dish for Pooris,Chapathis or any kind of Rijst.